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Magpies 3, Cat 0

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-04-28

While things are grim at my daughter’s since her accident, the local magpies are managing to brighten things up a bit with their antics, which now include giving the cat a hard time in a manner not unlike the classic Warner Bros "Looney Tunes".

While I hate the cat, (at least it is kept inside where it cannot harm the wildlife), although it’s almost worth having one of those evil creatures around for a short time just to watch the local magpies have fun seeing how hard they can make the cat crash into the glass door.

It was the patriarch magpie ("Trav") who we noticed first taunting the cat, getting it to rush at the glass door with a resounding thump.  It wasn’t that the glass was clean (what with toddler fingermarks all over it), but that the cat made Sylvester look like a genius.

Pretty soon, the adolescent ("Addy") and one of the young magpies ("Indy") were sitting on the porch just outside the door, prancing back and forth, and carolling.  Sure, the sound of cat hitting glass made them jump back a bit, but only momentarily.

"Trav" even flew out for a minute, then came screaming towards the door, straight at the cat, pulling up just short of hitting it himself, stopped with his face right up against the glass where the cat had rushed, and calmly swatted the glass with a left-right wingflap, reminding me of Bugs Bunny face-slapping a bull (in "Bully for Bugs").

Now there are a few totally irresponsible cat owners around that let their demon-spawn run around, even though the area is full of native birds, and "Trav"’s family wisely avoid them like the plague (apart from careful high-speed swoops).  So, do they leave a cat that cannot be a threat alone?  No… they cook up cunning plans to take revenge on at least one member of the cat species.

I wish I’d had a video camera, and can’t help wondering how Carl Stalling would score it.

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2 Responses to “Magpies 3, Cat 0”

  1. ha ha ha! well done magpies.

  2. Dave Bath said

    There is a youtube video of two crows (closely related to magpies) hassling two cats (provoking a fight) at

    ) and a discussion of this on a Discovery Channel vid (

    ). While the discussion suggests a nearby nest, it looks like the crows have developed cat-hassling skills to a fine art – and I guess the crows are going “nyuk, nyuk, nyuk” during the catfight and “bwahahaha” afterwards.

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