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Is Wong The New Ruddock?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-05-11

Acting as the apologist for and implementer of unprincipled policies seemed to be a specialty of Philip Ruddock’s, as he moved from one position in the Howard ministry to another.

Penny Wong seems to have the same task in the KRudd government.

Both could be described as "Roving Minister for Disingenuous Statements".

With Ruddock, this could be understood as a loyally subservient party member, approaching retirement and not seeking re-election, and so content to throw away, in the most hypocritical fashion, the values of Amnesty International, of which Ruddock was a badge-wearing member.

As a "rising star", Penny Wong has no such excuse.

But then, you cannot use the label "hypocritical" with her, as she once worked for the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), which always had an interest in protecting their employers in those industries, few of which could be called "environmentally responsible".


One Response to “Is Wong The New Ruddock?”

  1. […] It’s easy to give Penny Wong the benefit of the doubt on these charges. What isn’t so easy, is to defend her against the charge of political, and (as a senator), ethical bankruptcy. Or as Dave puts it, the ‘Roving Minister for Disingenuous Statements‘. […]

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