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It ain’t over ’til the dead budgie sings

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-05-26

I know that the subjects and plots of opera can get a little bit tedious, and indeed far fetched (apart from "Kill the Wabbit!  Kill the Wabbit!… Poor little Bunny!", perhaps), but one about a dead budgie based on a bird-food commercial?!?!

Michael Nyman’s music is ok for a modern, but after his best-known music being introduced to most listeners with a voiceover by a mute, and this newer effort about a budgie, you’ve got to hope he finds someone who can write a decent libretto soon.

C’mon, there must be a million Stephen King short stories that would make better subjects – and surely those shorts provide lots of opportunities for the obligatory 5-minute aria "I’ve just been killed instantly"…

…that or Nyman could write an opera about chocolate, just like Bach wrote a cantata about coffee (and pre-nup agreements).


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