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They weren’t crocodile tears

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-06-16

The ALP is probably truly sad that Captain Smirk is quitting politics.

For one, the ALP has enjoyed the instability in Liberal Party ranks caused merely by the Smirk’s presence, even if the Smirk wasn’t trying, merely staying in parliament until just after the magical 18 years ticked over and his parliamentary superannuation returns were optimized (hat tip to Peter Martin).

If Peter Martin’s observations aren’t coincidental, nothing better pinpoints the motives of his political career than his leaving of it.

With that useful-to-the-ALP member for Higgins departing, the newcomer will be someone all fired up to make a name for themselves and look attractive to Liberal Party donors – something that might furrow ALP brows.

One of the front-runners is John Roskam, best known for his work as Fan-in-Chief of the Gordon Gecko Appreciation Society.  Roskam has already been the star of previous Balneus posts here (unsurprisingly, a negative review) and here (a "Shock! Horror! Roskam has a point!" post).

As mentioned in the thread to this post by Lyn over at Public Opinion (which prompted this post), it is posible that Roskam might, liberated from the short leash of the need to satisfy IPA funders (replaced by the slightly longer leash of the need to satisfy Liberal Party donors), get in touch with an inner Petro and use his intellect for something useful.  But I won’t hold my breath.

I’m also hoping that Captain Smirk gets a nice cushy job up in Sydney, or preferably overseas, because then I won’t have to worry about the possibility of bumping into him on Glenferrie Road, enjoying his leisure, smirking about his smart choice of exit timing, or even worse, coming into my local caffeine supplier and sitting down next to me.

And if I must have a free-market think-tanker as my local member, it’s a pity Andrew Norton probably won’t come over the river from Carlton.

See Also

  • Gotta love Lindsay Tanner’s facebook message on the subject:

    Lindsay Tanner farewelled retiring Peter Costello in Parliament yesterday when he said: "It is always a sad day when Parliament loses a dedicated Essendon supporter … and I wish him well."


2 Responses to “They weren’t crocodile tears”

  1. Lyn said

    Best put your optimism aside Dave. And keep an eye out for Andrew Elder on the matter.

  2. Dave Bath said

    Optimism? Not really. Admitting a slight possibility and trying (hard) to be generous. Or sarcastic. Or both. My negative post on him sums up my default position on Roskam, and "witless Pangloss or prostitute" may also have been kind. "Andrew Bolt without the impish way of words" is something he’d probably be proud of.

    Andrew Elder is someone worth a read, and don’t give Politically Homeless enough time. Besides, anyone with Nigel Molesworth on his blogger profile can’t be all bad. Hmmm. Maybe Andrew’s position is:

    This is me e.g. andrew elder the curse of the liberals which is the party i am over. It is uterly wet and weedy as i shall (i hope) make clear but of course that is the same with all partys. If fact any party is a bit of a shambles… as you prob hav figgered out.

    Thanks for the headsup Lyn.

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