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Cui bono

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-06-23

There are only a couple of groups who could have received benefit from the fake Ute-gate email:

  • The federal government;
  • The news media or a particular journalist;
  • anti-Turnbull forces in the federal opposition;

It would be a high-risk tactic for the government to create and disseminate the bogus email.

It would be even more risky for a journalist to create the fake email.

If however, it was somebody associated with the current federal opposition, it cannot be someone wanting Turnbull to look good, which leaves only anti-Turnbull forces.

… and if the Rudd government is totally clean on this issue, they’ll be pushing the AFP for a conclusive investigation.

So… any guesses as to the culprit?  A vengeful Brendan Nelson doesn’t seem likely – even his feeble brain will have worked out he has no chance of leading the party let alone the country.  Costello’s resignation timing suggests that Captain Smirk has clean hands, or if the resignation is withdrawn, that he could be a master of tossing the red-herring.


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