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How can I serve you better?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-07-03

Lurkers, repeat tourists, and regular readers are invited to comment on how I can be more useful to you, be it changes to article length, emphasis on topics, more references in the "See Also" lists…

While you can tell me to improve my use of language, I cannot promise much.

As to frequency of posts, while some with philosophical differences may want me to stop (this includes changing subject matter to fluffy kittens, celebrities, personal life…), and some with similar mindsets may want me to post more, your comments will be noted, but there are limits (unless large regular cash payments into my bank account are involved).

And do any of you browse my Eclectica feed of things catching my attention?

Update for memeweaver because of the comment thread, via an uncyclopedia article (and make sure you read the proposed inverse of the device and other documented uses for buttered toast and cats):

Perpetual Motion with Cat and Buttered Toast

Perpetual Motion with Cat and Buttered Toast


5 Responses to “How can I serve you better?”

  1. memeweaver said

    More funny punning! And fluffy kittens! Indeed, I have browsed your eclectica from time to time with interest.

    As to serving the needs of Blogburg, I am myself a bad servant, about as irregular as a badly impacted bowel. Nevertheless, in defence of the servant class, I find Blogburg to be a bad master if you allow it to be. Therefore, write for yourself, I say. The self-serving among us will follow, albeit irregularly.

  2. Dave Bath said

    More funny punning…. will try.

    Fluffy kittens…. ("Igor!!" "Yeth mathta?" "Do we still have that van de Graaff generator in the dungeon?" "Yeth mathta!" "Good, then rig it up with a cat lure, a camera and a tripwire to do to a cat what is done to students in the videos here and here")

  3. memeweaver said

    Awesome! Although Rufus doesn’t need one of those – he has it going on naturally, lucky sod. Come to think of it, so do I! (Unlucky frizzball me.)

  4. Dave Bath said


    OK, as an added bonus, I’ll give you the following (which share a theme)

    Antigravity cats at Uncyclopedia

    YouTube video about perpetual motion using buttered toast and a cat

    or for the lazy…. this image…. oh, I’ll just edit the post and put the picture in

  5. memeweaver said

    Dear me, Dave. You shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet, don’t you know. Now please excuse me while I huff on some crazy orange cat. Err… I mean, butter some toast.

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