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PSI handling and rights in Vic (3)

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-07-07

This post continues the series on the recommendations from the Victorian inquiry into use of Public Sector Information (PSI), following on from others detailed at the bottom of this post.

8. That the Victorian Government encourage as part of its funding agreements with research agencies and higher education institutions that research results be deposited in open access journals or repositories.  The Government should consider providing additional funds to these agencies to allow them to publish in open access journals that charge a fee for publication.

This is a particularly good recommendation, with PLoS being an example of an excellent peer-reviewed open-access journal (although it mainly concentrates at the moment on biomedical research, this is perhaps the research that Victoria is most famous for).

There are two "howevers":

  • If the research team has a chance of being published in Nature (and other journals in the same stable), it would be mean to deny the team the kudos of such a publisher.  Perhaps it might be worth developing such a list of journals.
  • I’m a bit dubious about "open access" journals that demand a fee for publication – Bentham Publishers infamously accepted a nonsense paper recently as discussed in "Peerless Prank" (2009-06-12), seemingly more interested in the money from authors than the quality of the work.

9. That the Victorian Government encourage divisions operating in the fields of biological innovation and research, including biotechnology development, to consider participating in the BiOS licensing system.

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