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Archive for July 17th, 2009

My evil twin sees LodgeBlog fineprint

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-07-17


The rules for engagement on the KRuddBlog are interesting to my evil twin because to write comments, you have to have a unique "public name" of up to twenty characters.

(I’m not going to comment on the look-and-feel of the blog, just see how long it takes you to find the posts!  But don’t blame drupal for that.  At least the PM isn’t using Sharepointless.)

Back to my evil twin… seeing the unique (up to) 20-character name requirement (including spaces – yuk!), yelled out "LodgeBlog Squatting" – creating real, but useless email addresses (just like spammers create real mail accounts), and then using these to register all the public names that are halfway memorable, giving latecomers hell trying to guess a name that isn’t used up, and finally being stuck with a name like "qz667fg8"

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