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My evil twin sees LodgeBlog fineprint

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-07-17


The rules for engagement on the KRuddBlog are interesting to my evil twin because to write comments, you have to have a unique "public name" of up to twenty characters.

(I’m not going to comment on the look-and-feel of the blog, just see how long it takes you to find the posts!  But don’t blame drupal for that.  At least the PM isn’t using Sharepointless.)

Back to my evil twin… seeing the unique (up to) 20-character name requirement (including spaces – yuk!), yelled out "LodgeBlog Squatting" – creating real, but useless email addresses (just like spammers create real mail accounts), and then using these to register all the public names that are halfway memorable, giving latecomers hell trying to guess a name that isn’t used up, and finally being stuck with a name like "qz667fg8"

Evil twin also noticed that the font used for display names is variable-width – so he is busy looking up existing users and creating accounts with two spaces in a row instead of one – and wondering if Drupal "squashes" contiguous whitespace (as we both do when writing database triggers).

On the user registration form, something else caught my eye…. for filing in the useless information folder:
Look at the bottom of the form, there is a box, with a mandatory field you MUST check before registering, indicating you "have read and agreed to the Conditions, Protocols for Participation and Privacy Statement on".  Given that everyone who comments will have said "yes" to this, why do they bother saying "The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly"?

But what my non-evil-self is wondering, especially when other ministers start blogging…. where can I find those lexical analyzers, those used to either (1) flag possible differences in authorship when posted under the same Minister’s name, and (2) look at the vocab, grammar, etc, and come up with a reading/writing age for the various pollies?

(And if you don’t "get" the image to this post… don’t worry… it’s a geek in-joke)


  • It’s worth looking at the metadata in the KRuddPost on climate change.  Is climate in the keywords?&Nbsp; Nope.  Just "Prime minister,Australia,Politics and government,Politics,Public administration,Federal government,Kevin Rudd,PM" Never mind commas instead of semi-colons as keyword separators, never mind the description which isn’t descriptive but the first n characters of the post body.  Not quite up to the metadata standards required of government and agencies, is it?  Maybe the OPC techies should see better practice checklists on metadata and this page at describing discovery metadata requirements (my bolding and slightly edited):

    Australian Government Locator Service (AGLS) Metadata Element Set
    About: The AGLS Metadata Standard is a set of elements which government departments and agencies are to use to improve the visibility and accessibility of their services and information over the Internet.

    Status: Mandatory. Under the 2000 Government Online Strategy, departments and agencies are required to adopt the AGLS standard. The AGLS was also published as Australian Standard (AS 5044) by Standards Australia in December 2002.

    Note: In addition to the standard itself, Australian Government agencies are required to comply with the AGLS Commonwealth Implementation Manual.

  • Is there an indication that there’ll be a tagging/keyword search facility?

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