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Not blinded by the light

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-07-18

Dangerous Driving Incident Report

  • Location: Corner of Glenferrie and Wattletree Roads Armadale/Malvern
  • Time: 2009-07-17 22:20 AEST (approx)
  • Vehicle Description: Victoria Police Paddywagon/DivvyVan – licence number unknown
  • The vehicle was observed travelling North up Glenferrie Road (possibly on the way to Malvern Police Station), stopping at the traffic lights, and starting again when the lights turned green, all the while with no headlights or parking lights turned on.

OK, that’s one cop who wasn’t doing the basic thing all drivers must do at night, and another cop (in the passenger seat) who isn’t exactly getting top marks for being alert.

I wonder if both of these cops are the type to let other drivers off with a stern finger-wagging for exactly the same oversight – or whether they are both utter hypocrites convinced of their own infallibility.

I wonder what would happen if there was an incident involving a pedestrian, or another car, especially if the cops’ headlights were both smashed in the incident and the victims claimed the cops didn’t have their lights on.

I’m hoping someone in Victoria Police hears of this post, and gives those two coppers a stern finger-wagging, tut-tuts, and a "go and sin no more".

I normally yell out "lights", point to headlights, etc, when I see cars driving past at night without their lights on… but I didn’t this time for some reason I cannot fathom.  Perhaps I paused because I didn’t want cops thinking I might be a smartarse (well, yes, most of the time, but not this time).

If only I’d had the sense and time to get my camera out!  …But should I have included such a photo in this blog, or walked up to the cop shop and shown the cop at the counter?


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