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Hypatia makes NS most-inspirational woman scientist list

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-07-25

Recently (I was offline), New Scientist gave out the the results of the "Most inspirational woman scientists of all time" poll.

And Hypatia of Alexandria made it to a well-deserved number 3!

Hypatia was a key part of a post I’m proud of, and a detailed comment thread with LegalEagle, a little while back ("Athena, Hypatia et al" – 2008-03-08).  Actually the comment thread goes into much more detail than the post.

I suspect that a couple of the nominations were for best scientist of all time were based not on inspiration but what they did.  Ros Franklin at number 2 sadly died before probably getting a Nobel.  "Amazing" Grace Hopper (famous early programmer, laid foundations of COBOL – and the term "bug" -see the photo of the actual insect) didn’t get a guernsey.  However, Marie Curie (1), Rachel Carson (9) and Jane Goodall (10) were inspirational to me as a kid.  Carson and Goodall have been inspirational for many non-nerds, male and female alike: Carson as the person who probably kicked off the modern worries about destruction of the environment with "Silent Spring", Goodall for her work with chimps, which hopefully will lead to quasi-human rights legislation.

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Nuclear power options snippets

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-07-25

Hyperion Nuclear Reactor size comparison to a man

Hyperion Nuclear Reactor size comparison to a man

There was a nuanced post by B.Tolputt over at Blogocrats ("The Nuclear Option" 2009-07-24), and looking back at the comments I wrote, I think they are worth repeating here.

In particular, I’m concerned that those with anti-nuclear sentiments are easily discredited if they talk of "nuclear technology" or "nuclear power" in the singular, rather than "nuclear technologies".

The two comments are separated by horizontal rules.  While they address other comments in the thread, while they do not provide the scope I’d like for a post, they are reasonably self-contained.  I have fixed up some typos, added some links, and reformatted during the cut-and-paste.

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The Economist and the Awful Truth

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-07-25

The Economist Explains American Growth, Deficits, Savings and Trade Balance From The Second World War to the Near Future in a minute or so with an animated graph and voiceover.

SHEER… [intensifier]… BRILLIANCE!!

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