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Will Holding understand homelessness any better?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-09-01

A healthy young politician, probably enjoying the benefits of survival training in the army reserve, spends a couple of days in freezing conditions (see ABC News), after ignoring safety signs that tell everyone not to wander alone in the snow, and it is described by the various news services as an ordeal.

Will this lead him to advocate more emergency shelters for the many homeless, who deal with exposure to the elements for the entire winter, and are more vulnerable because of poor nutrition?

It’s Tim Holding, who didn’t exactly get full marks for competence when he was Police and Emergency Services minister, and certainly, given his stupid solo wanderings on Feathertop, must be a very slow learner.

…And if he is considered one of the best and brightest in the Victorian ALP then how dumb must the rest of the Joh Brumby gang be?  How badly do they suffer from "one rule for the plebs, another for us"?

So, hope for any improvements in policy for the extremely disadvantaged in Victoria that rely on empathy and learning-from-the-experience is probably more than a little optimistic.


One Response to “Will Holding understand homelessness any better?”

  1. Linda Radfem said

    I’m happy to know I was not the only person to think along these lines when the rescue story broke.

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