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Never a truer word…

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-10-02

I made a joke.  Little did I know…

Seeing people wrestle with the complexities of Microsoft licensing requirements, and the way these make you compromise (no, totally fuglify) infrastructure solution architectures, I said something like:

Yuk!  We don’t have these headaches in unix-land!  You’d need an MCSE to understand the damn things so you have half a chance of not losing an arm and a leg!

Well…. MCSE 70-671 and MCSE 70-672.

The killer?  MCSE 70-672 is entitled "Designing and Providing Microsoft Volume Licensing Solutions to Small and Medium Organizations"!!!

That’s right… SMALL business!!!

So, not only is Microsoft expensive and complicated, but you have to pay big bucks (US$125 to sit the exam) just to learn how expensive and complicated it is!

That such a certification is needed for small organizations is a certain diagnostic of a FAIL.

Perhaps I’d have filed this under "humor" if it wasn’t so tragic.

Getting sucked into Microsoft in the first place is like paying twice the going rate for your first shot of heroin: lose! lose!


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