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Are these righties serious, hypocrites, or from beyond the grave?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-10-10

Asking for minimal tweaks to a communist state for righties to have a tolerable life got a couple of responses – but these seem hypocritical as the respondents should have euthanazed themselves rather than live in any country on the planet.

Consider the responses I would have had if I’d asked about minimal health requirements for a tolerable life that would stop the necessity of suicide?  The analogous responses would have demanded as minimal the ability to run a three minute mile, leap small buildings in a single bound, and the intellect of Einstein.

I’m hoping more moderate righties will respond to the question.  If you look through the comments, you’ll see I’ve taken a respectful line to their stated needs, and tried to indicate accomodations that might satisfy their underlying psychologies.

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