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Choose your party leader

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-10-12

Given what is common to both KRudd and Hokey, leader or leader-in-waiting-behind-the-pillar-with-the-knife of the major political parties, I thought I’d take a guess (I’d say stab, but that’s Hokey’s current game) at guessing the winners of leadership stoushes for all the parties (between federal and the states, a few to go around).

And the candidates are…

Of course, that’ll change over time… so let me introduce our political leaders in 2030…


2 Responses to “Choose your party leader”

  1. Shem Bennett said

    1 Pontypine
    2 Pontypines
    3 Pontypines
    4 Pontypines
    5 Pontypines
    6 Pontypines
    7 Pontypines
    8 Pontypines
    9 Pontypines
    10 Pontypines!

  2. Dave Bath said

    Didn’t know there were that many pontypines! And they weren’t in the picture on the main Night SoilGarden either. Perhaps iggle piggle is sitting on them all and they have been squashed? Perhaps we can hope for a giant Monty Python foot to come down and squash Iggle Piggle and all its/her/his friends and then kick the farting balloon over the horizon.

    And speaking of farting noises… I just realized the common factor between Sunrise and Night Soil.

    And will somebody strip Sir Derek’s Nighthood? He should be doing Thomas!

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