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Turnbull too good for the Libs, and better than KRudd

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-10-12

Turnbull and Hewson are the last two Liberal Party leaders that lefty me has had any respect for.

Consider… as a Howard minister he was pushing the Libs in the right direction on climate issues.  His proposed emissions trading legislation was probably better (other than the start date, and he’d have probably pushed for an earlier one then) than the current KRudd/Wrong proposals.

Turnbull’s push for climate responsibility is pretty much the same before the election and after he became Liberal leader.  KRudd’s rhetoric before the election, and his actions since his victory, are significantly different.  Who is the more consistent?

Given the attitude of the electorate to climate change (it was a large contributor to KRudd’s victory), the criticism of KRudd’s policies as too little for the climate with too much for polluters, why would the Liberal machine shoot itself in the foot for the next election?

And why doesn’t KRudd call an election on climate issues?  Even without pushing climate change as a major issue, with promises to get tough, current two-party preferred polling suggests a 20 seat gain in the lower house.  Painting the Liberals as holding the environment and thus medium/long term economic interests to ransom would likely grab another 10 or so seats – if anyone still believes the sincerity of his rhetoric.

Could it be that the Big Carbon lobby wants any delays it can, and is pouring money into party coffers or individual pockets?  Hence the Liberal party fighting Turnbull AND electoral sentiment, and hence the reluctance of KRudd to give up the excuse of Liberals blocking even his inadequate legislation.

Is Turnbull more concerned about climate change, and more honorable (willing to lose the party leadership) than KRudd?  I suspect that might be the case.

Perhaps Turnbull should defect, relaunching the Democrats (he’d still be a party leader, chortle), joining the Greens, or moving to the cross benches as an independent?

By the way, Foyle’s cartoon at New Matilda, representing the Libs as lemmings for fighting Turnbull on climate issues, is spot on I reckon.


4 Responses to “Turnbull too good for the Libs, and better than KRudd”

  1. Turnbull too good for the Libs, and better than KRudd

    He’s yours, take him…..please, please, take him!

    I like Hewson as well, but he seems a little bitter in his old age. No need for that.

  2. Dave Bath said


    Do you know how much it took for me to praise a current leader of the Libs compared to the current leader of the ALP on what I see as a key issue?… and without any sarcasm?

    My thoughts on Turnbull in dot form.
    * Brains to start with: Tick
    * SpyCatcher: Tick
    * Republican: Tick
    * Knows about single parent difficulties: Tick
    * Pushed Howard on water and climate: Tick
    * Merchant Banker: FAIL! (up against the wall… blindfold? cigarette?)

    As for the alternatives?
    * Mad Monk (shudder – can I tighten his cilice, please, around his NECK)
    * Joe Hokey (see Choose your party leader)
    * The Prancing Poodle (naaa, lock him in a room with Dolly, and only ONE pair of fishnets between them)
    * Moylan or others from the Petro faction… (yeah, but too decent to get it)
    * The Smirk (I wonder if my next local member could be any worse… yeah, probably)
    * Barnaby (fun… but he ain’t even leader of his OWN party)
    * Julie Julie Julie (smiles nicely, nods well, without the rattling that would come from SOMETHING between her ears)
    * Abets (nooooo… get out the garlic, the silver bullets, something’s gotta work!)
    * Munchkin (steatorrhea and vaseline mixed together aren’t as slimy and slippery)

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