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Xenophobes for Labor?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-10-14

It looks like (in Britain, but probably coming soon to the antipodes) that the Labor government is crawling up to xenophobes, (HT: Nature Human Genetics Special 2009, yep Nature… the gold standard of science journals) using methods that would give Mengele and Hitler wet dreams.

The UK government has already introduced dodgy genetic tests that it says will separate the illegal aliens from the citizens… even though the prestigious Nature reckons that not only is the science completely wrong, the government could well be lying about the program getting the tick of approval from scientists, but that the program will actually harm science itself, making research harder.

The Nature editorial "Genetics Without Borders" has the teaser:

A UK government scheme to establish nationality through DNA testing is scientifically flawed, ethically dubious and potentially damaging to science

And a few snippets, after which I’ll add a few thoughts, including some Australian context.

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What if the ACCC covered political scams?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-10-14

I was looking at the "Government acting to combat scams" media statement (2009-10-13) from Craig Emerson and Brendan O’Connor.  (btw: One of them has a brain, the other I’m unconvinced by).

That statement points to the ScamWatch ( administered by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (  And I do like ScamWatch Radar.

So… I started looking at what the ACCC has to say about scams, and strangely enough, the machinations of politicians kept crossing my mind…

Let’s look at a few titbits… I’ll leave my sarcastic comments until later in the post.

What is misleading & deceptive conduct?

There is a very broad provision in the Trade Practices Act that prohibits conduct by a corporation that is misleading or deceptive, or would be likely to mislead or deceive you.  It makes no difference whether the business intended to mislead or deceive you – it is how the conduct of the business affected your thoughts and beliefs that matters.  If the overall impression left by an advertisement, promotion, quotation, statement or other representation made by a business creates a misleading impression in your mind – such as to the price, value or the quality of any goods and services – then the conduct is likely to breach the law.

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