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At least Obama didn’t award HIMSELF a Nobel

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-10-15

Obama got a pat on the back from the Nobel Committee, then wondered (along with the rest of the world) about the justification.

Penny Wong, on the other hand pats herself grandly on the back about her "achievements" from recent talks with China.

Summary of achievements touted in the press release:

  • We talked.
  • We talked some more.
  • We promised to talk more in the future

Now, it seems that the criteria for judging failure of her efforts would be if China threw a nuclear rocket at us, waited long enough for the worst radiation to blow over New Zealand, declared "Terra Nullius" and grabbed the coal and iron ore.

Wow!  Given how all the scientists view climate change as a major threat to political and social stability, I reckon Ms Wrong is making space on her wall for next year’s Peace Nobel.

…but it won’t be like Obama’s who got it for not being Dubya.  KRudd and/or Wrong can’t get it for not being Honest Johnny, because there’s no substantial difference.


One Response to “At least Obama didn’t award HIMSELF a Nobel”

  1. Ann oDyne said

    Being elected was the prize he got for not being Bush43, but re the Nobel Nod (which comes with a big cheque), I thought he would feel (since nominations closed when he had been Prez for 11 days) about the same as Malcolm Turnbull would if the Fabian Society gave him their Man of The Year Award.

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