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Might Bolt attack from the high ground?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-10-16

I wonder what the Bolt will think on the line I’ve taken on a piece of his?  What motivates him more, the desire to inflame xenophobia, or a way of pointing out that KRudd is hopeless at something KRudd touts himself as – a skilled diplomatic negotiator in the region?

On the current debate (too generous a term, admittedly) about refugees coming to Australia by boat, the Bolt wrote a typical Bolt piece ("Check the map: why must Australia take in these people?" 2009-10-16) … and I couldn’t resist a comment that was totally in keeping with my lefty principles, but that shouldn’t get a knee-jerk response from the Bolt or his Boltariat legion:

Surely the best outcome would be if we could encourage other countries in the region to sign the convention on refugees, and then they would also have an interest to stop the root causes of the problems – privations in the countries refugees are fleeing – and even if conditions didn’t improve in the original countries, they wouldn’t have as far to travel to reach safe refuge.

That would be a win for everyone but the people smugglers. Read the rest of this entry »

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