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Might Bolt attack from the high ground?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-10-16

I wonder what the Bolt will think on the line I’ve taken on a piece of his?  What motivates him more, the desire to inflame xenophobia, or a way of pointing out that KRudd is hopeless at something KRudd touts himself as – a skilled diplomatic negotiator in the region?

On the current debate (too generous a term, admittedly) about refugees coming to Australia by boat, the Bolt wrote a typical Bolt piece ("Check the map: why must Australia take in these people?" 2009-10-16) … and I couldn’t resist a comment that was totally in keeping with my lefty principles, but that shouldn’t get a knee-jerk response from the Bolt or his Boltariat legion:

Surely the best outcome would be if we could encourage other countries in the region to sign the convention on refugees, and then they would also have an interest to stop the root causes of the problems – privations in the countries refugees are fleeing – and even if conditions didn’t improve in the original countries, they wouldn’t have as far to travel to reach safe refuge.

That would be a win for everyone but the people smugglers.

Sure, we could help the Indonesians, Malaysians or whoever build places to house the refugees and do all the administrative tasks… but we wouldn’t have to haggle over any Australian “sovereignty” over those centres.

For those bearing false witness, it wouldn’t cost as much to deport them back.

If KRudd and company cannot convince others in the region to adopt the higher ground, then all his talk of diplomatic skill and improving Australia’s influence in the region is just hot air, "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing".

I couldn’t resist the last couple of phrases in quotes… and wonder how many of the Boltariat would have a clue as to the origin of those words.

So, why would the line I’ve taken not appeal to Bolt?  It provides ammo for both left and right to attack KRudd.  But then, it’s easier for Bolt to write a stock-standard bit of tripe and half-truths that work because of prole xenophobic button pushing, than to figure out a little more elegant attack.

…Or maybe it’s just a bit too subtle for the Boltariat to understand.

See Also:

  • Jeremy at Crikey’s Pure Poison attacks Bolt another way: "We’re NOT the only ones, Bolt" (2009-10-16) – but because it requires the numeracy of a 6 year old to understand, and attacks their demigod, the Boltariat will reject the piece and the argument.

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