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Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-10-17

Surprise, surprise, surprise.  … or maybe I should say CAN I HAZ THE PAGE BACK COZ IS GON?

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Howard – the noun, not the proper noun

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-10-17

It’s finally twigging to more and more Australians that the anti-Brutopian KRudd isn’t.

…that, barring a radical change for the better, perhaps the swearing-in of a new PM should be accompanied by patriotic cries of "The Howard is gone!  Long live the Howard!"

…or perhaps the cry should use not "Howard" but "HowRudd".

Even when Big Mal the Senior Prefect was PM, before he softened, we lefties used not a few four-letter words describing his policies – yet the policies of that Liberal PM were often to the left of the current ALP government.  We scarred lefties can now look back at Mal with nostalgia, deploring only the tactics he used gaining power.

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Could do MUCH better

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-10-17

I’ll give Chris Bowen a pass for his press release on an initiative to recycle old corporate PCs for use by the disadvantaged, but it’s a bare pass, because money is being wasted upgrading PCs to the latest version of Microsoft XP Pro and MS-Office 2003.

While this is all fine and dandy, the lack of details about other more cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and child-safe programs suggests that better initiatives aren’t getting appropriate government support.  Issues include:

  • Exposing kiddies to pr0n.
  • No recycling of computers from homes, so a large environmental problem is unaddressed, and value from working computers is destroyed.
  • Forcing financially disadvantaged families with limited computer literacy to pay big bucks for extra software packages.
  • Lack of tailoring to need (e.g. age-appropriate games and educational programs for particular families).

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