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Howard – the noun, not the proper noun

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-10-17

It’s finally twigging to more and more Australians that the anti-Brutopian KRudd isn’t.

…that, barring a radical change for the better, perhaps the swearing-in of a new PM should be accompanied by patriotic cries of "The Howard is gone!  Long live the Howard!"

…or perhaps the cry should use not "Howard" but "HowRudd".

Even when Big Mal the Senior Prefect was PM, before he softened, we lefties used not a few four-letter words describing his policies – yet the policies of that Liberal PM were often to the left of the current ALP government.  We scarred lefties can now look back at Mal with nostalgia, deploring only the tactics he used gaining power.

However, thinking again, which is more deplorable: the tactics of Big Mal, or the misleading aura of benignity KRudd cultivated with his "Howard’s Brutopia" essay that supposedly differentiated him from the "me too" politics of Big Kim Beazley.

No… it’s Little Johnny, Little Kevin, Honest John, Honest Kevin, Johnny Rat, Kevin Rat.

Is the only difference in applicable nicknames between the two caused by the fact that it is easy to pronounce KRudd but not JHoward?

Even if you don’t know the original Latin poem, my near-just-changing-the-names and toning-down-of-obscenities in the post "With apologies to Catullus on Aemilius" (2009-08-25) is likely to get less and less of a joke as time passes, and the more exact translation (see this my note to that post about the last line, "quem siqua attingit, non illam posse putemus aegroti culum lingere carnificis") will become more and more appropriate.

The politicians at the top of the greasy pole in the major parties are fungible.

Given that "fungible" comes from the Latin "to perform": they can all go funge themselves

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3 Responses to “Howard – the noun, not the proper noun”

  1. friend of a friend knew KR from same uni class Back Then, and when Therese appeared, F of my F warned Therese about the (now documented) TEMPER.
    Conclusion: TR-R ignores good advice; and 2. can handle the temper.

  2. phil@vvb said

    donds for Mal comment

    that’s different from a malcontent, which what we were after the dismissal…

  3. […] "Howard – the noun not the proper noun" (2009-10-17).  […]

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