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Theological analysis – in a tattoo

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-10-27

Why didn’t I think of that?

Over the fold is a tattoo (via facebook) that shows a smart person has thought a moment about the "Risen Jesus", and made the obvious conclusion.

If you are an easily-offended narrow-minded humorless Xtian… go no further.

But for the rest of you, giggles coming up…(and if you have no graphics, the alt text does the trick just as well)

Tattoo of Jesus Zombie

Tattoo of Jesus Zombie

Just think if he’d terrorized the moneylenders like this!

5 Responses to “Theological analysis – in a tattoo”

  1. davis said

    not normally a fan of tatoos, but this one is GREAT

  2. Dave Bath said

    I’d imagine that everyone who enjoyed that image would also enjoy "Mr Deity and the Really Big Favor" – which is a lot more subtle. Mr D convincing Jesse to be crucified (“full partner, one third vote”, “no the health plan doesn’t cover crucification”)

  3. David Ebin said

    This is an insult!

  4. David Bath said

    David Ebin@3
    How is it insulting? It’s consistent with scripture. Died then, walking later. Got another single word in the English language that better describes the situation?

  5. LOL. Still it’s not something I’d want tattooed on my arm.

    Nonetheless, this Venn diagram suggests it’s not *quite* accurate…

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