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Happy accidents – for some!

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-10-29

Are the Libs in Canberra really hopeless?  By accident or design, their Big Carbon backers must be really pleased with how things are going.

Malcolm Turnbull, one of the more environmentally aware Libs, is someone who the ALP might have considered amenable to negotiations about carbon emissions, and therefore, would have softened their approach in the hope of easier passage, even softer than ALP fundraising imperatives demanded.

So… soft legislative proposals, Liberal stonewalling.  Action delayed.

As Copenhagen approaches, pressure mounts, and there was more and more talk of a double dissolution triggered by climate legislation.  All of a sudden, the Liberals say "we are open to negotiations".

Big Carbon supporters in the ALP will doubtless be happy about this… less pressure for action because there is the possibility of talk… and more gutting of the already gutless legislation.

What’s the reward for Big Carbon out of taxpayer funds so far… about $10 billion so far.

How much power via wind, wave and sun could we buy for $10 billion.

No, go and read what I wrote a little while back about how the Greens should be Schumpeter fans and unhypocritical economic libertarians should be baying for blood about the Carbon Polluter Rewards Scheme.

But the Greens, once accused of being moralists without sufficient pragmatism, have sold their collective soul by putting Clive Hamilton up for the Higgins by-election.  Remember, Hamilton is the guy who seems willing to contemplate suspension of democratic processes, who started the whole "censor the internet" thing when Howard was still in power (and for an academic, I’d expect more understanding of how the internet works, and how to read a survey, and to not complain about above-the-age-of-consent folks to engage in legitimate, even if distasteful, activities).

That’s the worst type of Machiavellian behaviour from the Greens… putting forward as a candidate someone who is diametrically opposed to previous Green principles in all but one single policy area, and even in that policy area, having a defeatest anti-democratic attitude.

Could the Greens have made Big Carbon any happier, the once holier-than-thou party clearly demonstrating enthusiasm for Faustian bargains?  What will the next "pragmatic" step by the Greens be?

Where are the Democrats when you need them, or as Big Carbon would say, thank goodness our bastards are off the hook.

As I wrote in the opening, this could be accident or design.  But either way, between them, the parties in Canberra are providing outcomes where the big winner is the group claimed in political oratory to be the threat.

I’m really hoping the Democrats get out of intensive care and put someone up for Higgins.


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