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A Judas, not a Bonhoeffer, in the Lodge

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-11-02

Cutting the rebate for cataracts almost in half, the KRudd government has shown its teeth, dishonesty, and unfitness to govern, falsely advertising itself as a party of the Centre Left while using neo-liberal arguments.

"The Federal Government had tried to cut the rebate by even more, saying this would force overcharging doctors to reduce their prices."

Really?  Then why fund the private health insurers?

The only rule of KRudd’s regime is that the fat cats get the cream, while yes-men all will let this pass to get rewards from licking arse.

Honest ALP members must be feeling like they went out for a party, got a bit drunk, came home with what seemed like an attractive woman, and then got bent over and the deceit of the Howard-in-Drag rammed home in the most painful way possible.

Unless the ALP true believers take KRudd out the back immediately and pull his political entrails out as a lesson to all future traitors, the whole party is tainted, and no ALP member will ever get my vote unless they come out in the next week and publically call for KRudd’s head on a pike.

Lefty me is now of the firm opinion that we’d all be better off if Howard had won the last election.

At least if Howard had won the last election the intellectual elite wouldn’t have been lulled into a false sense of security, and wouldn’t be letting all the neo-Howard policies be implemented without protest, simply because those policies are coming from a party that calls itself the ALP.

Seriously, today’s ALP has as much right to call itself that, as a duck has of calling itself a dinosaur: sure, the duck might have had dinosaur ancestors, but now it’s a completely different beast.

Lucius Junius Brutus has overthrown the Tarquins for raping Lucretia, and instead of creating a republic, installed himself as Consul with regal power, raped every man, woman and child in Rome, to the cheers of all the republicans, hoping for scraps from the table.

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10 Responses to “A Judas, not a Bonhoeffer, in the Lodge”

  1. Sir Roger said

    I wonder whether Rudd is a Labor traitor, or rather a Liberal hijacker, or a quisling. Was he ever really “Labor”?

  2. Dave Bath said

    Sir Roger@1
    The question about the denomination of Rudd’s efforts to advance Liberal/National/Hansonite/Fieldingite policies is pointless… the end result on policy is the same, and he is probably beyond redemption.

    The REAL question is what about all the others who got elected under an ALP banner? Will ANY of them prove themselves a true believer?

    billie over at LP made the comment that Malcolm Turnbull would be a truer Labor Party leader than KRudd. I said something like that a while back, but not so succinctly.

    And what must we think of union leaders that continue to send funds to a party led by KRudd? Scabs is too kind a word. The unions should cut funding Labor and show the ALP up for what it has become, the client of "Progressive Business".

    Howard probably went to the last election a happy man…. whether the Liberals won or lost, with KRudd leading the ALP, the agenda of traditional Liberal Party funders was guaranteed to win.

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  4. Jayjee said

    I can’t believe anybody is surprised by any of this. I was happy to vote for Rudd Labor, because of its Howard-following virulent contempt for Luvviedom. Go back over my posts, I warned Rudd was more authoritrarian, nanny statish, and conservative than Howard.

    On the boat people issue, what most Luvvie-Left Greens/Labor types can never, ever get their heads around is that the government represents the people and that includes those people’s. A democratic elective government, and especially its Prime Minister does not sneer and lecture, as Keating did to his electoral defeat.

    While Keating had long lost the love of much of Labor’s base, and so found the adulation of The Luvvies so intoxicating, electorally, The Luvvies are a much, much, smaller group than Labor’s base.

    Personally, I think Howard’s “hit it hard and hit early” approach to the running away boat people problem satisfied most Australians, especially when One’s Nation’s vioce was silenced when its policies were explicitly incorporated into both Labor and Liberal official policy.

    The Australian electorate has had a break from the boat people and “Muslim” issue more generally over the past few years, so is not so on tenterhooks. So perhaps Rudd is over-egging it unnecessarily. He is certainly alienating The Luvvies, who had such great delusions. But then again their number is not that large, and while sure they might throw a hissy-fit and vote Green, they will always preference Labor before the Coalition. The Luvvies are a Lock for Labor. True Blue Useful Idiots.

  5. Jayjee said


    When has Rudd EVER given any “centre-left” vibes? And what is this mysterious “centre-left”?

  6. Dave Bath said

    Jayjee@5 asks “when has Rudd EVER given any ‘centre-left’ vibes?”
    Never, and I said “…government falsely advertising itself as a party of the Centre Left”.
    Note: *PARTY* not PM, *FALSELY*

    Jayjee@5 also asks “what is this myterious ‘centre-left’?”
    It is the advertising slogan used to stop unions from shifting their funding to another party.

    And on Jayjee@4 issues:
    Yeah. HowRudd light… always a worry of mine too.
    On Orstrayuns luvving the “bash a reffo terrist” tactic… see "Showing what we standard for: Oi! Oi! Oi!" (2009-11-04) which points to what matters to “True Blue Ozzies” (who are at best CUBs – Cashed Up Bogans)

    And founding member of Deakin Uni ALP that I am, and going more and more left in recent decades… hardly rusted on ALP… Been (1) Democrat, (2) Green, (3) Slightly silly party, (4) ALP, (5) Lib, (6) Silly Party, (7) Monster raving loony party, (8) Fielding/Hanson for the last decade. Actually putting ALP BELOW Libs next Vic election because Joh Brumby is so corrupt. So much for “rusted on”

    I think the only group that /can/ bring the ALP even back to the old centre is the union movement by threatening to withdraw financial support and give it to Greens (now the Dems are sadly gone).

  7. Jayjee said


    I have a few mates in the left labour movement. A strategy I advised – very cynical I know – is to calculatedly, publicly, and aggressively pit The Luvvies/Global Warming Theists against the unskilled/semi-skilled white/blue collar workers and very small business owners on the economic/job costs of satisfying The Luvvies/Global Warming Theists demands. Get Gillard out there saying:

    The ALP is returning to its roots. Ordinary labourers, shearers, checkout workers, blah, blah, built Australia into what it is today, fighting the elites every step of the way. We have beaten the elites over and over again in the past in formulating and implementing the policies best for all Australians, not just the few. Today, I’d like to launch Labor’s “Workers Environnmental Policy for Jobs and Growth (or something less cheesy; get John Singleton onto it)

    Let the outraged Luvvies/Global Warming Theists officially split from Labor and move to the Greens in screeching outrage and a huff. Let Giillard publicly say, “good riddance to abd rubbish”. If this part succeeds, Labor is free from having to satisfy that constituency that is over noisy and over-influential within the party, but strategically expendable IF “Labor’s Worker’s Approach to Green and Jobs” shifted enough lower class Lib/Independent voters back to committed Labor voters, and brought back any lower class Greens, once they get fed up with the meddling, selfish, theocractic, annoyingly dogmatic – and most importantly, prole-hating – Luvvies/Global Warming Theists.

    If this strategy worked, what we’d basically have is a Labor Party that has a much greater loyalty among the largest part of the lower and lower-middle orders. The bourgeois would be split, with the mercantile bourgeois sticking with the Libs, or a saner Labor party, while The Luvvie/GWT bourgeoisie becomes the base for The Greens.

    I guarantee Labor with a majority of 30 seats! ;)

  8. Dave Bath said


  9. Jayjee said


    Again, go back over my posts. Way before the election I said she’s make Margaret Thatcher look like Eva Cox. ;)

  10. Dave Bath said

    Yes. Somebody should write an essay called “howRudd’s Myopia” – selling principals and country down the tube and making future generations pay the environmental debt, and the economic debt of not reworking our economy away from carbon addiction.

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