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KRudd implies Australians are stupid

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-11-07

KRudd’s latest verbal attack on climate change denialists/skeptics as sabotagers of the world, is not only hollow, but betrays his opinion that Australians, whatever their political leanings, are too stupid to recognize a blatant non-sequitur.

If the climate change skeptics are that dangerous (I’d actually label Big Carbon as "Planetary Terrorists"), then why does he bend us over so we can have our pockets empited (via the Carbon Polluter Rewards Scheme) and our future ****ed by Big Carbon?

If KRudd doesn’t recognize the contradictions, either the disproof of his much-touted intelligence or the proof of his hypocrisy, he exudes confidence that he won’t be pulled up on it…

…or perhaps he knows that the Carbon Mafia are smart enough to recognize the contradiction, but always happy enough to pocket the profits.

Just like KRudd’s diatribes against neo-liberalis economics and financialism while at the same time solidifying the power of the big banks against competition, and supporting the system that causes crashes through moral endangerment, he does the same on climate issues.

Then again, KRudd’s estimation of the Australian electorate is unfortunately probably correct.

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One Response to “KRudd implies Australians are stupid”

  1. Jayjee said

    Who is Krudd delivering for with this pap? The smartest people in the parliamentary ALP have long been denialists/sceptics, and the numbers among the rest have grown.

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