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Australian Electoral Commission oooppps

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-11-17

Was the unlamented Captain Smirk member for Bradfield?  Does 22=10?  Does the Australian Electoral Commission check things properly?

Let’s hope the Australian Electoral Commission does a better job of knowing which electorate is which, or the difference between 10 and 22 come December 5 byelection day!

Pictures over the fold, digitally altered only with red highlights and blacking over email addresses… text unchanged.

Go to this 2009-11-13 Media Release from the Australian Electoral Commission, arriving earlier today in my All Media Releases feed from the federal government

Now look at the title in your browser, compare with the headline.

Title of web page and news item? "22 candidates to contest the Higgins by-election".

And the text…? 10 candidates.

Nope… that’s Bradfield that has 22 candidates.

Oh, yeah, written by the AEC on the 2009-11-13, included in the Oz Gov Media Releases 2009-11-17.  Time enough to fix?

Click on each image to enlarge.



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