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KRudd edurcashunal standurds FAIL

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-12-01

The KRudd "Education Revolution" is perhaps driven by the spelling standards of those pumping out his media releases… or maybe he isn’t a control freak after all if headlines like the following get through.

How many eyes run over his media releases before being put up at the official ALP website?  It must be easier to stop such a glaring error than an important number about our economy!

For both images, click to get a larger version in all there horibull gloury.

First, the list of media releases from (which will change tomorrow, I’d imagine).

Official list of ALP media releases 2009-11-30 showing the headline Stronner Relations With The Caribbean

ALP Official Media Release List 2009-11-30

Now, for the media release in question (, with the typo in the headline and the window title sitting next to a smiling KRudd:

KRud pictured smiling about his official 2009-11-30 media release headlined: Stronner Relations with the Carribean

KRudd smiling about Stronner Relations

Now, will our KRuddy PM correct this by changing the text or change his picture from a smile to a frown.  A correction with a notice of the change on the page is all well and good, but unless the correction is obvious, then we must ask how big an error can be corrected in media releases without at least a footnote before it becomes unethical – we don’t want media releases of budget figures changing when it becomes convenient for a politician.

The braino in KRudd’s media release is all the more mirth-inducing as it come out the next working day after Julia Gillard put out a media release titled Extra $4M for literacy and numeracy (2009-11-27).

The Minister for Education, Julia Gillard, has today announced that the Rudd Government will provide $4 million in additional funding to support effective literacy and numeracy projects in Western Australia.

The Education Revolution is driving a renewed focus on the foundation skills of literacy and numeracy to ensure all Australian students, including Indigenous students, get the skills they need for the jobs of tomorrow.

Does this mean that working on media releases for KRudd and/or the ALP is not a job with a future, or that things are so bad that even such media-savvy people, some acting as sub-editors, are literacy losers?

But again… how many eyes?


One Response to “KRudd edurcashunal standurds FAIL”

  1. Jayjee said

    Dave, how can you really judge Krillud’s “education revolution”?

    From memory, they only ever defined it as a PC on every kid’s desk! I remember shaking my head, and bemoaning, “what a disgraceful waste of money”. Fixing bad education practices/environments/teachers has nothing to do with fricking computers or even technology.

    Kids can be taught well under an oak tree, with books that are forty years old. All this whingeing about “old” textbooks (as though they are responsible for illiterate/innumerate kids), broken toilet seats, and swimming pools at “The King’s School” (actually they’ve gone quiet on that, thank god) is just an AEU diversion.

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