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Higgins By-Election 2009 – A Biased Form Guide

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-12-03

A Higgins resident, it’s time for my form guide (biased, I know), and a list of other form guides to the 2009-12-05 by-election.

I’ve included links to parties and personal sites where I can find them, and I wish the AEC would do the same!

I’ve placed the candidates in a table ordered by MY preference, (although my rating is A-Z) and hope the winner is Dr Joe Toscano.  I’ve never had a problem with any of the many letters and/or op-eds he has had printed in The Age over many years.

Pos On Ballot Candidate Party Best URL I can find Notes My Rating
7 TOSCANO, Joseph Independent Well, always been a fan of Dr Joe, anarchist, medico, broadcaster, and a force behind the "Defend and Extend Medicare" group… see him on wikipedia, on SlackBastard, at GreenLeft or his interview by Stonnington Leader.  And as Toscano is editor of Anarchist Age Weekly, you might want to look at the current issue, so

Go Doc Joe!.
6 COLLYER, David Australian Democrats According to an ex-officer of the "classic" Dems (pers comm), there has been a takeover by Christian types, so, not the Dems I liked any more (Bartlett has left too).  However, former Lyn Allison aide, so…

ho hum
2 PATTEN, Fiona Australian Sex Party I’m a prude, but hate Conroy’s internet filter, so…

Slightly Silly Party
5 HAMILTON, Clive The Greens One of those guilty for initiating the push for the Internet Filter, so a big black mark, even though he is from the Greens. But for his personal history, I’d be voting Green just after Toscano. Instead, shock, horror, Greens below Slightly Silly. I just hope if he does get in, he toes the party line on censorship.

Love the party, hate the candidate.
3 O’DWYER, Kelly Liberal Walked into her office a few weeks back, asked for HER policy stances (not the party’s) to be emailed to me… nothing received yet.  Not a good look… was she waiting to see what the party line would be?  I was going to put her just above Internet Censor Hamilton, but now, just below.

Hey Abbott!
L(egal Lib)
9 BROHIER, Peter Independent The big idea seems to be ring roads and a road/rail bridge over Port Phillip Heads (Yuk… would put Frankston FAR too close to Queenscliff and PtLonsdale where my grandson lives and I spend most of my weekends!) so…

Silly Party
10 MULHOLLAND, John D.L.P. – Democratic Labor Party  None Hmmm… not mentioned at, so maybe there is a split in the DLP, (see comment thread at The Tally Room), so…

Looney Party
4 ROBERTS, Isaac Liberal Democrats (LDP) Way too Gun-toting Chicago School for me. His blurb states "He has specific expertise in the areas of tax policy and legislation, and regularly provides advice in relation to those areas to large private companies and high wealth individuals"…. I know it’d be VERY different from my "up against the wall when the revolution comes" advice I’d be giving his clients! So…

Looney Party
T(ax wangler)
8 RASKOVY, Steve One Nation Monster Raving Nasty Looney Party X(enophobe)
1 MURPHY, Stephen Independent A computer geek on a climate change denialist/skeptic/do-nothing platform (see his climate thoughts in QuadRant Online), so…

Monster Raving Nasty Looney Party

Other Form Guides


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