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Lateline, CCS, Nyos – and ALP part of the COALition

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-12-03

What an interesting Lateline!

For those who watched the report on the dangers of burying CO2 and the Lake Nyos disaster, I’ll point back to Australia’s work on burying CO2"Otways Carbon Capture: Dumb Idea?" (2008-05-25).

But Hunt, Liberal spokesperson on Climate Change, made a lot of sense, criticising the KRudd Carbon Polluter Rewards Scheme (which the Libs can share the blame for!) as a lot of money for little return, with no real focus on reduction by government intervention that promotes renewables and efficiency, and statements implying market mechanisms aren’t really that useful.

What the…?

But of course, the triple-headed COALition (Liberal, National, and Labor) furphies were rolled out – CCS and "jobs going overseas"

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) from coal-fired power stations is ridiculous (biochar isn’t, especially if combined with cutting out brown coal… "clean coal" is an oxymoron).

Jobs overseas?  If production overseas is more efficient (it is, an Australian job, per capita, because of our lifestyle, is incredibly inefficient), then that’s totally in accord with standard competitive advantage of nations stuff: so a free-trade party should be totally in favor of those job movements, especially given track record on support of big business moving call centres and IT services overseas.

Oh, a Liberal implying market mechanisms aren’t much use if we want to address the greatest threat of a millenium properly… gotta love it!


One Response to “Lateline, CCS, Nyos – and ALP part of the COALition”

  1. opit said

    I’ll leave you a ‘comment’ all right, Dave. My quips with Dr. John v. Kampen in Spain lead to some Australian videos. Since I was already covering Climategate and the NPT I made some startling associations.

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