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The Scandinavian Play

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-12-16

Ashamed to be Australian when Howard encouraged warmongering across the world, now it’s time for Australians to be ashamed as KRudd effectively encourages warming.  And the citizens allowed both PMs to get away with such immoral actions!

With the Lost-Hope-nhagen conference, the politicians merely acting for audiences, it’s worth reminding everyone of another Scandinavian play "(An|The) Enemy of the People", more than 120 years old, written by Henrik Ibsen, perhaps looking at an old post of mine about the play, or look at Wikipedia.

When you read, simply replace "Doctor Stockmann" with "Scientific Community", and "tannery polluting the local spas that are the town’s cash cow", with "Big Carbon interests destroying the planet for illusory economic benefit", and you’ll think it was a current affairs re-enactment of what is going on today.

And as an added bonus, check out how Fox "News" reports on a summary of views about climate change… here, here or here.  The reporters don’t even bat an eyelid when talking of a poll asking if climate scientists falsify data: (59% Somewhat Likely, 35% Very Likely, 26% Not Very Likely), and then say skepticism would be higher with the "leaks" from East Anglia – with straight faces.  If they cannot, and their viewers cannot add up integers and see it’s well over 100, then how the hell are they qualified to hold an opinion on much more technical issues, other than to leave it to scientific consensus?

Fox News on Climate Change: 59+35+26=100.... yes, cannot do maths, so unqualified to voice an opinion on heavy-duty maths models for climate science

Fox News and their viewers can't do simple maths, should shut up about complex mathematical models in climate schience


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