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A Very Kenny Xmas To You

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-12-23

A more animated post than usual this season, but I’d also like to wish all readers Io Saturnalia! (heathen that I am).

Animated image of author in South Park style getting squashed by Xmas Prezzies

A Very Kenny Xmas

Hopefully your browser will display animated gifs, at least once.  Even more hopefully, you’ll recognize the South Park theme… and I hope I haven’t offended anyone who lip-reads.

And if you think it’s got a hint of criticism about commercialism of festive seasons… yep!

Couldn’t have done it without The Gimp.


3 Responses to “A Very Kenny Xmas To You”

  1. And a very merry festive season right back at you!

  2. Bruce said

    Did I just lip-read D.H. Lawrence’s fav word?

  3. Jayjee said

    Saturnalian Salutations to you too, Signore Bath!

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