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Another miracle

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-12-23

With saints declared because of a medical success rate (among those that pray to the saint for a cure) equivalent to waving a dead chicken, and the same people often claiming miraculous appearances of religious figures in mundane objects such as a fried egg or squirt of sauce on a pie, it worth noting a miraculous appearance of a "virgin mary" in something that actually IS medically effective.

Virgin Mary miraculously appears in a condom

A catholic condom?

Yep… a condom… you’re guess whether used or just unwrapped.

And you can almost see the baby Jesus nestling up to a shoulder.

Hat tips to Friendly Atheist via Pharyngula


One Response to “Another miracle”

  1. - said

    Vous blasphémez ! Pouvez-vous retirer cette image ? Aimeriez-vous qu’on se moque de votre mère de cette manière ?

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