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Kosky resigns – innocent AND guilty

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-01-21

Lynne Kosky’s resignation from the Victorian Parliament and as Minister for Transport, for family reasons, was greeted with loud hurrahs by many long-suffering public transport patrons, and a string of "it wasn’t her fault" by many who recognized that taking over public transport, with many botched contracts already underway, was a poisoned chalice.

However, Lynne Kosky, along with all other Victorian Ministers, is extremely guilty of disservice to the public, for not gathering together with any honest party members, grabbing Joh Brumby, spreading him face-down on the Cabinet table, and shoving well-hidden and conveniently lost documents relating to mismanaged and ill-conceived contracts up his arse until his eyes popped out.

Such a method of assassination would take approximately 0.000000001% of documents meeting such criteria – even if they were on microfilm not paper.

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