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Rapping up the boom and bust

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-01-30

HT: "Boy do I recommend this – Hayek vs Keynes: the video clip" Peter Martin (2010-01-29).


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Chimps, altruism, and helping with the kids of others

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-01-30

Further to "Adoptive chimp single dads and the evolution of altruism" (2010-01-28), another pointer, to a chimp, Anjana, an "assistant" at a zoo, that has fostered tigers, leopards and orangs, titled "A Mom is A Mom no matter what the species".

Also, look down the bottom for the discussion of chimps and non-reciprocal (don’t expect anything in return) altruism in "Of rats and men: generalized reciprocal altruism" (2007-07-10), as well as "Human Rights: a regressive concept" (2008-05-04) and its links.

Unlike many photos of cute animals, where the punchline comes from a caption, here, the eyes have it.

Anjana the chimp and fostered tiger

Anjana the chimp and fostered tiger

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