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It cannot be that hard

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-02-16

The DVD (and obviously Blu-Ray) formats have some useful features – easy choice of soundtracks and subtitles… so why can’t we get ones with bleeps in the soundtrack and ****ing stars in the subtitles?

It can’t be hard.  if you can get two different cuts (theatrical and extended) on the same DVD, because you only need the extrra space for the extended bits, why can’t you have similar techniques for the extra bleeps and stars?

Mind you, I wish bleeps were a little more subtle… a neutral "errrrr" sound about the same volume as the voice.

The problem with blatant bleeps is that it can turn something quite innocent into something filthy…. try listening to the Sesame Street Count sing with bleeps and NOT hear the obscenities.


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