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Conroy will be pleased at Garrett in the news

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-02-20

Is it just the Libs who are happy that Garrett is getting so much bad press, or are some in the ALP even happier?

Certainly Conroy would be happy for any distraction from his questionable behaviour with media owners, which comes on top of his bloody-minded, technically illiterate and very unpopular policy stances in his own portfolio, such as his Orwellian internet agenda, and stances outside his portfolio that stem from his regressive social policy agenda, which tightly mesh with, and derive from the same imaginary friend sources as, the policies of Lib leader Tony Abbott.

He’ll follow the line of Rome and the Mad Monk for things like preventing access to RU486, but when his own direct interests are at stake… well… what’s Rome’s line on egg donors and surrogate mothers?

What hope to we have for a progressive society when the leaders of both major parties and at least one of the major backroom headkickers who happens to be in control of information flow (or stemming it), are all in thrall to a regressive version of direction from imaginary sky friends?

Authoritarian backroom headkicking, regressive social policy, indulgences to and from politically expedient mates and happy to satisfy Fieldings sky-friendster party, disregarding the opinions of all technical experts… you cannot accuse Conroy of being a mass of contradictions.

I suppose there is some irony in Conroy, one of those who has compromised the traditional principles of the ALP, is being helped by the troubles of a Minister who had his environmental principles compromised by the ALP.

Fellow imaginary-friendster KRudd (see Compass 2009-05-08 Interview) is probably also happy, being presented with an excuse to ditch a minister with differing ideas, to still a dissenting voice inside caucus even though it has been muzzled in public.

But you know who could be the happiest about Garrett’s troubles?  John Howard, rolling in his political grave with laughter, his social policies being implemented without lifting a finger and without protest from most of the left, the mud sticking to long time critic Garrett, who implemented (possibly under duress) a policy totally in line with neo-liberal workplace philosophy, implemented through a responsibility-dissipating string of subcontractors with inadequate supervision, tarnishing the name of government service delivery while having none of the natural characteristics of traditional public service delivery – ticking all the boxes even if it causes delays.

There has been a lack of the normal rank-closing around a minister when it comes to Garrett.  The scapegoat is being left out in the cold while the ranks close around a minister who should be the subject of discussions involving KRudd’s supposed code of ministerial conduct.

I wonder if KRudd has even pulled out his once-lauded code for ministerial conduct, eyeballing it with both Garrett and Conroy in mind.

Either KRudd’s ministerial code of conduct is something he never really intended to stick to, or it is full of holes big enough to drive a truck through.

I wonder if KRudd realizes that ditching Garrett might be good for short term popularity, but hanging Conroy out to dry would do much more for ALP chances in the long term.


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