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I may have to anti-strike in protest

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-02-20

If those papists in Canberra declare a national holiday because Mary McKillop is given some Roman gong… THEN I’M TURNING UP FOR WORK ANYWAY.

I’m beginning to smell a KRudd/Abbott lovefest, religious patriotic jingoism replacing everyday patriotic jingoism as the first refuge of scoundrels.

Mind you, from the policies coming out of Canberra these days, I think KRudd’s more partial to Bob Santamaria than Mary McKillop.

(p.s: I would celebrate if Father Bob was made Pope.)


2 Responses to “I may have to anti-strike in protest”

  1. I love Father Bob. I’d celebrate too.

  2. Dave Bath said

    Compare and contrast to Oz clerics:
    * Father Bob (see also JJJ Safran, FatherBobPodcasts), and ;
    * Cardinal George Pell (and see "Pell’s QuadRant essay is sooooo wrong" 2007-09-05 and "Pell’s new QuaRant essay is soooooo wrong" 2008-08-09)

    * Who is more likely to become Pope?
    * Who is held in higher regard in the corridors of power in the Vatican?
    * Who best demonstrates the principles of charity, humility and compassion?
    * Who has more weight in Canberra?

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