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Greens will NOT have Tassie balance-of-power

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-03-21

While everybody and their dogs are talking about the Greens having the balance of power in the next Tasmanian government, such an idea is utterly unrealistic.

The ALP and Liberal parties are natural coalition partners, for their positions on most things are identical – including their eagerness to bend over for the likes of Gunn’s.

Quite frankly, a Laboral coalition would lead to less disruptive implementation of the policies of both the parties than a coalition of either of them with the Greens, especially if you imagine a Green privy to Cabinet deliberations.

Besides, even if one of the majors forms a minority government without a coalition with the Greens, voting patterns of both majors will demonstrate that that theirs is the consuming affair.  Even a minority government, formed by claiming the support of the Greens, will be a total lie.

Perhaps the interests of the Greens would be damaged by forming a coalition, or even admitting they will support either of the majors.  It might be better for them to pull a publicity stunt to demand the opposition benches, pointing out the Laborals as Tweedledum and Tweedledee natural partners.  It would be interesting to see how such a position would play on the mainland.

Frankly, if the Greens get in bed at all with the Laborals, it’ll demonstrate a loss of ethics, a sad tendency to compromise priciples for the sake of power… unless they get a chair in Cabinet… which will mean a flood of Cabinet leaks (a good thing) or better government because Cabinet won’t be so unethical (a good thing).

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