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Jewish Lobby a bit player in Israeli power

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-03-29

The recent actions of Israel in using fake official documents of "friendly" countries to commit murder in another state not at war with Israel would have been treated seriously by countries such as the US and Australia were it not for the power Israel has over many countries, not necessarily through the power of well-financed lobby groups, not through a misplaced respect on the part of many Christians for an older Abrahamic religion, but by Israel’s expertise in dark arts that can destroy other nations almost instantly, using powers that terrorists can only wish for.

I’m not talking dark arts in the Harry Potter sense, but in the sense used by white-hat hackers, black hat crackers, and all the shades of grey in between: SIGINT and electronic warfare capabilities.

When thinking of electronic espionage, electronic warfare and crytographic skills, together with the political will to use those skills as blunt instruments of statecraft, three countries lead the field: Russia, China, and Israel.  Of these, Israel by far the most dangerous to Western powers, while at the same time posing less of a threat to China and Russia.

Why is this?

The reason is that Israeli cryptographic, surveillance and "protection" products are deeply embedded throughout systems in the Western world, in utilities (particularly telcos) and government.  The probability that at least some of these products "phone home" to Tel Aviv is pretty much 100%.

Even if the attack tools of Russian and China were better than Israel’s, those attacks must be launched from the outside, while Israel’s attacks are from the inside.  I’d be highly surprised if Israel’s electronic warfare systems were not merely in intelligence gathering, but capable of agressive disabling attacks on utilities, bringing down telcos being the easiest.

Israel has already been fingered for electronic espionage on US politicians… but the US did nothing but issue a protest that it would love to slap a wrist.  Israel’s hypocrisy by ignoring the rights in another sovereign state, the same type of rights it claims for itself, acts that can most politely be described as extrajudicial murder, have met with… more talk about slapping Israel’s wrist.

If you can destroy something, you control it.  Israel knows it can destroy any Western country, particularly the Anglophones.  The Anglophones know it. Israel knows the Anglophones know it. The Anglophones know that Israel knows it. It’s a knowledgeable "alliance".

That knowledge, however, is something that everyone wants to keep from voters in the Anglosphere.

When you’ve got them by the infrastructure, the international politics will follow.

Regular readers will have noted a marked decrease to the number of posts.  At least a partial restoration of service will happen when I’ve adjusted to the sudden increase in workload of a 3-year-old grandson living with me…  Either daughters are less demanding than grandsons or age has sapped my energy, because I had the time to get much more done on a much slower usenet/internet two decades ago.


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