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La Principa?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-06-27

Perhaps she doesn’t sip on a latte, not a macchiato, but her Macchiavelli, and she might even be good enough to shaft the miners.

With two strong environmental statements, on population (making Tony Burke the Minister for a Sustainable Population, hopefully Minister for Condoms rather than Razor Wire), and in favor of a carbon tax (probably better than an emissions trading scheme), La Gillardine has raised my eyebrows, and my hopes that, however much blood is on her hands from her rise to power, she might actually do some good.

Machiavelli argued that the Prince should get into power any way possible, make any promises required without even the slightest intent of keeping them, and then, once power is gained, keep it by ensuring the masses are happy with you, even if it means shafting those who helped you to power in the first place.

If Gillard is actually showing her true colors and not merely making noises, if she understands that population growth in Australia is a threat to livability, if she will argue against the "big Australia" loved by the big end of town, if she hangs the right wingnuts of the ALP and their paymasters in Big Carbon out to dry, knowing that even the Sussex St hacks aren’t stupid enough for another leadership change before the election, then there might be a glimmer of hope.

Admittedly, the debasement of politics in this country by the media and the back-room bastards, as in so many other countries, will take a lot of fixing – but there is time for that later.

Yes, Julia may have shafted KRudd by arguing against Tanner’s correct position on climate change, knowing this would make KRudd unpopular and open to her the way to the throne.  She may have convinced the right wing that she’d be thankful for their help.

But – why would those party stooges think that someone prepared to do her own knife-work on a popular PM would baulk at twisting the knife in the guts of those right wing machinators that everyone hates?

She was born in Wales for goodness sake – not exactly a place where mine owners are loved and respected, look you.

This could be fun.  Dare I hope for a PM that is prepared to be left wing, knowing that there cannot be another leadership change before the election, and knowing that a green left agenda is what the country needs, and those disaffected by KRudd’s Howard-Lite direction want?

Dare I hope that Julia will play dirtier than anyone else in Australian politics, but play on the side of the angels?


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