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Any majority government means a Laboral Grand Coalition

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-07-31

Consider the possibilities: (using "tory" as oversimplification for free-market social-conservative planet-killing)

  • LNP wins the House of Reps: the ALP will think it needs to become more tory, and will.
  • ALP wins the House of Reps: the ALP will think it was saved by being tory, and will become more so.

Either way, on all the tory bills that go to the Senate, we’ll see the same voting patterns we did under Howard – ALP and LNP acting as if they were cantankerous factions within a coalition – business as usual – for Big Business as usual, and then not even for Big Business in the long term.

What is needed is a minority government – ALP reliant on progressives in the lower house, and too ashamed or partisan to formally admit to the Grand Coalition they have with the LNP, and thus held to a more progressive line than the ALP would take if governing in its own right.  If a minority government starts to fall apart, the ALP will have the choice of product differentiation from the LNP, becoming at least somewhat progressive and responsible, or admitting to the Grand Coalition.

Facetiously, I reckon the few progressives in the ALP that still exist might actually have more impact in a merged Laboral coalition – those concerned with human rights might, after a merge, have enough numbers to be called a faction.

And another thing, VOTE BELOW THE LINE IN THE SENATE! (My "Carthaginem esse delendam" until after the election)


One Response to “Any majority government means a Laboral Grand Coalition”

  1. Well you were spot on here!

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