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Rabbit in Wonderland

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-08-25

Abbott’s leopard-change-its-spots-to-stripes remark about leading a "kindler, gentler polity" are unbelievable, but combining two of his comments imply he both demand and reject the government benches.

On the one hand, he talks of his mandate based on (as yet uncertain) seat counts and two-party preferred vote.

On the other, he talks of Greens "controlling" the ALP.  But does he count that Green seat as being a "lefty" seat, increasing justification for a "lefty" government?

Gripping hand is, the nation as a whole rejects his dogmatic, regressive core beliefs on just about everything – and he knows it – and he revels in it.

On yet another issue, Mr Rabbit hops into his wonderland of past age, won’t admit the fact that governments worldwide are not made by a party, but a coalition that might survive only between two election days.

Has he ever rejected the legitimacy of state government where Libs govern in their own right when they can, and form a coalition with the Country/National party when they can’t?

If a now-you-see-them-now-you-don’t coalitions of parties who will compete against each other in the same seat (the Libs fight the Nats in some), then an anybody-but-Abbott coalition of pseudo-left (ALP), "loony left" (as he labels Greens), "mine is a Labor electorate apart from personal loyalty" Katter, and progressive independents who detest Abbott’s core policies on climate change and asylum seekers, with more seats than the Libs (excluding Nats seats if it is a party seat count) is more legitimate – if Gillard can win a confidence motion in the house.

The cognitive dissonance seems a habit – he ignores science and logic, history and the words of the constitution – whenever facts conflict with his advantage and preferences.

Further, the legitimacy of his policies and dogma are lessened if we consider how narrowly he won Lib leadership from Turnbull, his polar opposite on nearly every issue.

Mr Rabbit’s true wonderland is that his stances on almost every important issue are rejected by the population as a whole, by about half his parliamentary party, by the House of Reps overall, by the Senate certainly, and yet… he claims a mandate to lead the nation.

If Abbott can be PM, he can either stick to his dogmatic stances, or help implement the obvious wishes of the nation on climate change, euthanasia, RU486, public hospital funding… the list demanding his hypocritical action is endless.

Without being blinded by the light of reason on a road away from Damascus, Abbott’s plea to be PM is "Trust me, I’m a hypocrite"


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