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Overdose of Palliative Care

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-08-26

Mr Rabbit is against suicide, so we must say his political hopes are in palliative care.

Katter on ABC Lateline, hearing Abbott’s refusal to let Treasury run costings on Lib policies, was wonderfully scornful about Abbott’s lack of good faith.

I must wonder what Murdoch’s underlings will do – not report it and show themselves useless on the biggest story of the day, or will they be rats leaving a sinking ship, leaving Abbott’s political carcass swinging in the breeze?

Or perhaps is it budgie smugglers swinging in the breeze, with the owner not having the balls to put his costings under independent scrutiny?

Rabbit and his advisors will incur, deservedly, scorn from the crossbenchers, and if lucky, a mercy killing by the rank and file in the Libs for his combination of stupidity and arrogance.

The only pain Abbott has given the ALP is making them bite their tongues hard enough so they don’t let rip and show their teeth.

Julia, who’ll need to be the most measured, is probably ringing around for an orofacial surgeon to stitch her tongue back every night.

Spare a thought for the ALP wordsmiths, trying to write “kindler gentler” soundbites that still get the point of Abbott’s blunder across to the public, writing a pleasant political obituary when they’d rather be writing invites to a dance party on his political grave.


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