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Time for a remedial voting lesson

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-08-26

You’ve got to admit Mr Rabbit is fundamentally consistent, brazenly holding that his irrational dogma is always true, and logical analysis is bad.

  • Climate: almost all climatologists, and most economists not in the pay of Big Carbon, are idiots
  • Treasury: all idiots, like those Nobel-prize-winning economists who made comments about KRudd’s stimulus or said Austrlia’s sovereign debt is miniscule
  • Independents seeking information for decisions: all idiots, if the Rabbit can ignore evidence and analysis, taking the words of Vatican redcaps as infallible, why can’t the independents have uncritical faith in the words of a man in red budgie-smugglers?

The list is endless, apart from the infallible George Pell, the accountants who infallibly give the numbers the ticks you pay them for, and of course, the deity who infallibly re-orders the universe and ethical calculus to match Mr Rabbit’s demands.

In fact, we Australian voters are idiots, must be sent back to the polls until we get it right.

He thinks we are all such idiots we either won’t realize that’s what we he is saying, or we’ll be confessional sheep in the seal of the polling booth, and intone in unison "Mea Culpa.  Hail Tony, full of grace, blessed is the creed of thy party room."


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