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Photosensitive hacks

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-08-28

The Labor faithful, and lapsed true believers, could have a lot to celebrate with a minority Labor government – ideas for democratic reform long advocateded by the lefty base (and progressive right) could be dusted off, pulled from behind the bookcase where they’d been hidden by backroom hacks.

Anti-democratic forces, most brazenly the public face of the backroom hacks of the Libs, aka Mr Fox and News Ltd, are fighting this with all their power too.

With a resounding majority in 2007, the ALP hacks were never going to allow reform. At the same time, tory hacks, needing the same underhanded tactics to manipulate the public, didn’t want reform either.

Parliamentary reform and public debate on issues are the natural enemies of backroom deals.

The underhanded hunters, for so long protected in dark corners, are becoming the hunted… out in the open, light is being shed on political deals by some of the mainstream press, and the photosensitive hacks have fewer places to hide.

The openness of the rural independents about their demands for improved democracy should be applauded, forcing Gillard to co-operate, perhaps because of political opinions held dear long ago, but long repressed since the greasy pole bent her efforts (and in all likehood, principles).

Meanwhile, the baser elements of the Liberal Party, and their champion of unreason, Mr Rabbit, have been fighting openness like a prisoner facing a death sentence who pleaded guilty… one tactic, then another, clutching at straws: those straws described as a rope around the neck of the independents by Mr Fox’s partisan fighters.

The nation has never had a better chance for democratic reform.  The disengaged voters have never had a better chance for their cynicism to be addressed – unless they prefer to be cynical and keep an excuse to remain unengaged.


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