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Mr Fox and Mr Rabbit Part 2

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-08-30

The rural independents would to well to consider the agenda of Mr Fox as carefully as they consider the agenda and costings of Mr Rabbit.

The press of Mr Fox might now be Mr Rabbit’s sock puppet, but once parliament sits, especially if Mr Rabbit is PM, the sock might be on the other hand, with Mr Fox the puppeteer.

If the rural independents are being pilloried by Mr Fox as traitors, as holding the nation hostage, they must wonder how different their agenda are from that of Mr Fox.

Mr Rabbit’s indentedness to the partisan Mr Fox, before and since the election, is clear, indeed, the reporting by The Australian has been supportive of Mr Rabbit’s mob all through the time Katter refers to "if they were good for the bush, then I’m a martian astronaut"

If Mr Rabbit becomes Mr Fox’s sock puppet, Katter is even less likely to be satisfied with what Canberra sends to Kennedy.

Besides, the calls of the independents have been for cleaner government, transparency, and better policy debate, while Mr Fox’s Oz could be seen as being a touter of sensational gossip and personality clashes from Canberra, while his tabloids focus on gossip from Hollywood.

Where is the cartoon of Mr Fox with his arm up the back of a budgie-smuggling Rabbit?  At least that would be more tasteful than the real situation, two sock poppets, each with an arm up the back of the other.


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