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Mr Rabbit has problems with Warren mates

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-08-30

Mr Rabbit has problems with some Nats, who want the pork they see as rightfully theirs, and threaten to sit on the cross-benches.  Looks like he has even tougher strains on his negotiation and conciliation skills than Julia has.

The pork demands of Mr Rabbit’s "friends" are quite different from the reform and information demands of the rural independents – and perhaps shed light on some of the reasons the independents became independents in the first place.

They are not going to sacrifice funding for projects in their electorates to be specifically put into independent electorates

– Sen John Williams, Nationals
ABC News 2010-08-30

If Mr Rabbit cannot get his own house in order, what hope of order in the House, a key demand of the rural independents?

On top of that, the independents are getting calls to side with Rabbit, claiming to be from their electorate, but mostly coming from Melbourne and Sydney numbers.  Apart from the obvious annoyance with dirty tricks, the rural independents should wonder about the ability of LNP party machines to understand the technical issues of rural internet needs if they cannot understand how modern telephone systems work.

The "kindler, gentler polity" claims of Mr Rabbit are looking as flimsy as the LNP costings "audit", which is now subject of an investigation by the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

It’s not looking good for Rabbit – the rural independents will be taking more note of what they know, rather than what is being misreported by Mr Fox’s "journalists", who are spouting the worst kind of rubbish they charge is produced by the blogosphere.

That’s all on top of the elephant in the LNP party room: a senate that will be hostile to the LNP program and threaten the full-term stability the rural independents want.

The longer negotiations go on, the better an option a Gillard minority government will look if the LNP keeps acting this way.

As for ALP in-fighting, that again, by threatening backroom hacks who have sullied politics, will only give comfort to the rural independents, who must have lower opinions of backroom hacks in the ALP even more than LNP hacks and headkickers.

Could the brazen and truculent behaviour, the insults to Treasury and indepedents, the fake phone calls, the attempts to dodge scrutiny be nothing more than an LNP strategy to force an ALP minority government, and hope to destabilize it, then force a new election!

Perhaps rabbit’s feet are only lucky when detached, which explains why Mr Rabbit seems to be shooting it off.


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