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Hockey Hokey

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-09-02

Tony Windsor, one of the rural independents, discussed the $11 billion black hole Treasury found in the LNP policies.  The LNP talks of $4 billion in "the adjustments of Treasury and Finance".

ABC report is here.

So, either Hockey’s "audit" comments were hokey, or pure lies, or their "auditor" was not competent, at the very least by not publically putting the caveats when the LNP were touting the dodgy figures before the election.

Let’s see a few comments from Tony Windsor who has to decide who he’s gonna trust:

There’s some questions that the Coalition will need to answer in terms of the magnitude of the black hole in their promises and funding arrangements.

Questions like making misleading statements in Parliament, how many voters would have actually voted for the Mr Rabbit team if they’d known the costings.

We probably understand now why he wasn’t interested in releasing the numbers and so I think we all await an explanation of where these significant differences are in terms of interpretation.

Yep… like the ALP, and any non-partisans keeping half an eye on things said… but we all understood then.

It is an enormous amount of money.

Yep… (on the rule-of-thumb basis of $1 million keeping a typical 10-person team: wages, seats, desks, computers, etc for a year) enough to keep 11 * 10 * 1000 = 110,000 people in work for a year… directly, without even factoring in money-multiplier effects because of the employment generated by supplying those employees.

Mr Rabbit would have known the figures were dodgy, the accountants that did the costings are being investigated by their professional association… and manu people voted LNP trusting the misinformation from either idiots or liers.

Of course, the true idiots were the LNP voters who believed Mr Rabbit and his team.

A rabbit is a rodent after all.

See Also/Update

  • "The $10b question: why Abbott and Treasury are so far apart on his costings" (Mark Davis, The Age 2010-09-02)

    Costello’s Charter of Budget Honesty turns out to be about as unforgiving as a pair of budgie smugglers for an Opposition Leader inclined to exaggerate the size of his budget appendage.
    It has shown that in the lead-up to the election, the Coalition overstated the size of its budget savings more than 10-fold.

    But what’s 1000% between friends?

  • "Thursday Column: Could Costingsgate widen?" (Peter Martin 2010-09-02) makes one wonder about whether the LNP chose their accountants because they knew they were unqualified.

    WHK Horwath specialises in small and mid-size companies— in the words on its website, those "on a path of growth".  As far as is known, it had no experience of modelling economy-wide tax and spending changes, the sort of work done with distinction by Australia’s Treasury and several private firms comprised of former Treasury staff in Canberra.


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