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Gilgamesh hits over 1000

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-09-05

While not realizing it recently, one of my favorite and most effort-intensive posts, a discussion of Gilgamesh and an extremely short rendering, has climbed over 1000 reads.

The reads come in bursts, with each burst having similar searches, but searches different for each burst ("gilgamesh moral lessons", " gilgamesh enkidu friendship", etc), that I reckon the bursts reflect some school assignment somewhere in the world.

So… if you don’t know of Gilgamesh and it’s importance in the history of literature, the history of histories, and indeed, where it fits in the history of words being written, give the post a quick read.  If you do know Gilgamesh, pointers to what you see as the weakest parts of my rendering would be helpful… I’d still like to make it better.

So, for a tucked-out-of-the-way blog like this one, having a post that took some effort to put together, that just keeps doing the job it was designed to, is quite gratifying.  If I’ve given people a little of the feel of this important epic, some basic history, and lots of links that have helped people, that single post has made this entire blog has been worthwhile..


One Response to “Gilgamesh hits over 1000”

  1. opit said

    “Tucked out of the way.”
    Dave, I’ve been reading your posts for almost 5 years. The first year I was blogging I had 600 hits. When the crunch came in 2007 it was still only about 17,000…though with a ridiculous Technorati score of 207. Finally I’m back to some numbers – 19,447 at My Opera after almost 3 years – and still can’t touch your total even with the acceleration of the pace at Blogger….even counting vanished content.
    You expected what, exactly ?
    But you’re right. It’s addictive to get out one’s picks and thoughts. And a hummer of post would be nice….but I don’t get to restrict myself that way !
    I’m not going back to Gilgamesh right now. Been there and enjoyed the visit. And you don’t see a big dot on the map my way for one simple reason : RSS.

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